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Reinvent Your Way To Success| Sanja Jovanovic

Reinvent Your Way To Success| Sanja Jovanovic


This episode’s guest, Sanja Jovanovic briefly talks about her life as an immigrant from Serbia to Australia as a “land of wonderful opportunities”. Faced with a new start and a promising future, she seriously chased her dream as a stage performer for a long time.

However, due to an impairing accident from a rehearsal, her path was steered to business where she found the Talent Academy in Australia. With her immense personal growth as a business owner and newfound cause as a public speaking coach, she attributes her success to passion, self-reinvention, and networking with the right people.


  • Challenges. Being an immigrant helps her relate to more people and understand what they are going through. 

  • Adelaide. Her political candidacy because of the promising growth and understated beauty of the city.

  • As PR Ambassador of Kit International

  • Mastering public speaking is necessary to inspire action and influence among your followers.

  • Keep work-life balance through calendar blocking and having an accountability partner.

  • On business operations, get help. Don’t do everything yourself. Hire people smarter than you.

  • Your network is your net worth. Network with the right people.

  • Passion is key to success.

  • Even as a seasoned performer, getting nervous before a speaking engagement is normal and will never go away.

From Ballet To Business

“Australia is such a beautiful country and a land of opportunity. And so for me that resulted in theater. So I did end up in ballet and musical theater for quite a few years. I lived on the stage and it was my home. But unfortunately, I was injured I couldn't perform physically anymore. I found a way to reinvent myself and took the leap from ballet to business.”

Hire Smarter People Than Yourself

“As far as business operations goes, always hire people smarter than you. I think a risk that people run is thinking that they have to do everything themselves...Actually, collaborating with people who are smarter, being willing to let go of some processes and give it to other people gives you the opportunity for growth.”

Don’t Hold Back Your Message

“So if you’re in Adelaide, or anywhere in the world watching this, just remember that what you offer is unique, somebody needs it, and you have something to offer. So many people actually doubt themselves and we can be our own stumbling block. So don't let yourself succumb to self-limiting belief. You've got something incredible inside you find it, share it, keep passionate. Good luck.”


Sanja Jovanovic was a seasoned ballet and theater performer with 20 years’ on stage and on-screen experience. Through her school, Talent Academy, she hones leaders from Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and China to shine with their message and be comfortable with the spotlight by teaching them effective and impactful theatrical techniques.

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