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Human Rights Violations in the Israel-Gaza Conflict

Understanding the broader context of the conflict is essential in comprehending the treatment and suffering of the Palestinian people. This context includes the displacement of Palestinians through settlement expansion, the violation of international humanitarian law, and the recognition of the occupation as a crime against humanity. Considering this context is vital when analyzing the conflict and advocating for accountability and justice.

In addition, the episode discusses the critical role of the media in providing a balanced view of the Israel-Palestine conflict. One way to achieve this is by speaking to individuals on the ground. When journalists cannot physically be present in the conflict zone, they rely on a range of individuals who can provide firsthand accounts and information. This approach ensures that the media does not solely rely on one perspective or narrative.

In this special episode of Explain Why, Miko Santos discusses with Yasmine Ahmed, the Human Rights Watch UK director, highlights the significance of individuals mobilizing and speaking up to ensure their voices are heard and governments respond appropriately to the situation in Palestine.

She urges listeners to contact their representatives, write to their MPs, and actively engage in advocating for a rules-based international order.

According to Ahmed, this is not just about the lives of Palestinians and Israelis, but about the world as a whole. She emphasizes that the current conflict in Palestine is not isolated but part of a broader context that needs to be understood and addressed. By mobilizing and raising awareness, individuals can contribute to creating a world where human rights are respected and protected.

With thousands of Palestinians killed in Israel's attacks on Gaza and over a thousand Israelis killed in the conflict, Santos explores the devastating impact on civilians and criticizes the insufficient response from world leaders.

Highlighting the need for accountability and an end to the violence, this episode sheds light on the unfolding catastrophe and the urgent need for action. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the situation and the call for justice.

If you want to chat more about this topic, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over twitter @realmikosantos!

In this episode, we cover:

  • [00:02:30] Unprecedented violence in Israel-Gaza.

  • [00:07:13] Apartheid and persecution.

  • [00:10:05] Apartheid and peace process.

  • [00:15:38] Collective punishment as a war crime.

  • [00:20:07] Accountability and international criminal law.

  • [00:23:58] Lack of accountability in conflicts.

  • [00:26:28] Use of white phosphorus.

  • [00:32:07] Catastrophe in Gaza.

  • [00:35:22] Israel's advanced military attacking

  • [00:39:21] Failure of the United Nations.

  • [00:44:11] Expansion of settlements in Palestinian territories.

About the Guest:

Dr Yasmine Ahmed is a public international lawyer and a human rights advocate with two decades of experience. She is currently the Director of Human Rights Watch in the UK and advocates for the United Kingdom's foreign and domestic policy to be consistent with human rights. Her extensive experience and dedication to human rights make her a respected figure in the field.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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