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Frauds in th Student Visa

Frauds in th Student Visa


In this episode of Explained Why, the host discusses the new measures for student visas in Australia.

The guest, Herbert Legaspi, an immigration expert and director of HNL Migration, provides insights into the changes and loopholes in the student visa system that allowed some international students to switch their field of study.

The episode also touches on recent frauds in the student visa system and the Australian government's decision to withdraw the work holiday visa in the Philippines.

Join the conversation as they delve into the details of the Australian immigration system and its impact on students and migrants.

If you want to chat more about this topic, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over twitter @realmikosantos!

In this episode, we cover:

  • [00:01:29] New measures for student visa.

  • [00:08:23] Ghost schools and immigration abuse.

  • [00:11:53] Student visa holders' exploitation.

  • [00:22:26] Student visa holder qualifications.

  • [00:27:02] Filipino community challenges in Australia. [00:30:01] Education agents and fraudulent papers.

  • [00:37:01] Filipinos cheating on student visas.

About the Guest:

Herbert is a skilled worker who moved in Adelaide, Australia in 2009 as Structural Engineer holding a Temporary work subclass 457 visa.

Herbert is a graduate of the Bachelor of Civil Engineering programme at Mapua Institute of Technology and the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practise programme at Victoria University.

He is a registered migration agent in Australia and founded his migration firm in 2016 to provide service to the Filipino community and wider migrant community by providing tailored immigration advice and a complete programme to help clients achieve their Australian dream.

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