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CDU expert says AI threatens Google's dominance.

CDU expert says AI threatens Google's dominance.

Even though search technology has advanced significantly, this is not the problem. Google has revolutionised education and made billionaires.

The search paradigm is effective and convenient, though, like fast food for research. The lifespan of disruptive innovation is short, and AI is creating new opportunities.

In this episode, Dr. Jon Mason, an associate professor of education (online learning) at Charles Darwin University (CDU), and I discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is affecting search engines like Google.

"Search is basically a 'fast-food' approach to enquiry," declared Dr. Mason. Excellent fast food, but not necessarily a balanced diet. Despite constant advancements since the Web's inception, search capabilities still exist in a "informational" space.

He emphasised the urgent need for standardisation and regulation of AI systems. The problem right now is that innovation is far ahead, and governments everywhere are lagging behind.


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MENCARI - Delivered fearless reporting to you
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