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Australia's Cyber Attack: This was Unexpected

Australia's Cyber Attack: This was Unexpected

Welcome to there's a glitch, today we talk about the cyber attack incident in Optus and  Medibank.  

Australia Feral Police commissioner Reece Kershaw on Friday confirmed police believe the criminal group behind the recent Medibank cyber attack is from Russia

Why are there so many data Breaches? Is Australia behind in cybersecurity technology and what is the lesson from these cyber-attacks? Well, let's find out more.

On October 13 one of Australia’s largest medical insurers, Medibank, announced it had suffered a cyberattack – one which has resulted in the breached personal details of 9.7 million customers in Australia.

Medibank is still refusing to pay a ramson to cybercriminals despite the hackers already releasing some of the customer data on the dark web last  November 9.

The Medibank incident consists of an alleged 200GB of data that contains personally identifiable information such as names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, Medicare numbers, credit card details, and ID documents. Importantly, it also contains sensitive personal information about medical diagnoses and procedures covered by Medibank and ahm health insurance.

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