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Addressing the Challenges of AI Development through Regulations

Addressing the Challenges of AI Development through Regulations

In this episode of The Freeman Chronicle Podcast, host Miko Santos delves into the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society.

The discussion begins with a focus on the importance of regulatory requirements for AI applications, particularly in relation to civil rights and equality. The example of testing AI programs for bias, such as in the case of racist decision-making by banks, is highlighted as a way to determine their suitability for use.

The episode also covers the recent executive order signed by US President Joe Biden to address the threat posed by AI.

Additionally, the Optus outage and the implications of AI for academia and everyday people are explored.

Joining the conversation is Associate Professor Niusha Shafiabady from Charles Darwin University, who provides expert insights on the subject.

Stay informed and gain a deeper understanding of unbiased journalism and countering misinformation by tuning in to this enlightening episode.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • [00:01:46] AI regulation and applications.

  • [00:07:18] Watermarking AI-made content.

  • [00:11:25] AI bias in credit scoring.

  • [00:15:43] Ethical data collection and AI.

  • [00:20:19] Executive Order on AI.

  • [00:28:24] AI affecting our daily lives.

  • [00:29:24] AI and unfair decisions.

About the Guest:

Niusha Shafiabady is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Charles Darwin University, Sydney Campus, Australia.

She invites research applications focusing on the Industry and Community Applications of:
- Machine Learning
- Data Analytics
- Intelligent Modelling
- Expert System Design
- Computational Optimisation

Associate Professor Shafiabady is an internationally recognised expert in the field of Computational Intelligence with many years of professional experience in both academia and industry. She is the inventor of a computational optimisation algorithm and has developed Ai-Labz ( which is a simple Computational Intelligence predictive analysis tool. She has published many research articles in high-ranking journals, supervised many HDR candidates and is the recipient of several awards and credentials.

She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom. Her key areas of expertise are design and development of smart algorithms for data analysis and interpretation, prediction of  different phenomena, clustering and classification of unorganised data and creating smart decision-making systems for different applications.

The highlight of her work is blending academic knowledge and research findings into industrial applications and creating a bridge between academia and industry. She has developed expert decision-making systems for variety of applications using Artificial Intelligence in solving real-world problems. Her ultimate vision is to utilise her expertise in Computational and Artificial Intelligence for enhancing human life.

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